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Today’s website design is the skill of building websites that perform on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices. It’s also to do with adhering to what users expect in regards to information, both in specific location and type. Search engine algorithms are now so evolved that websites can even be penalised for missing certain information, or better be rewarded for ticking certain boxes.

For many businesses their digital marketing efforts pushes traffic to your website, where they convert into a customer or lead. This is especially important for E-commerce sites. Our web designers go above and beyond building sites, they create user journeys that complement a sales journey whilst telling the story of your company or business. Our expert team of website designers utilise the latest user-centric design techniques to create the very best user interfaces.

SSL Certificates & Website Security

Online security and safe internet hosting crosses all users minds from time to time. We offer HTTPS hosting alongside SSL certificates show both the user and algorithms that your website is completely safe to use.

For further security we create complex security factors in the backend of our clients websites to maximise defence against unlikely cyber threats or hacks.

If you are concerned about this in anyway please get in touch with us, we are more than happy to answer your questions.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Developed For The Mobile First Generation

The mobile first generation is a coin termed to represent how the majority of internet searches are carried out. Data from various sources shows us that the majority of searches are completed on smartphones or tablets. This is especially true for local search.

It is of utmost importance that your website responds and displays perfectly on the most popular smartphones. Bearing in mind the evolution of smartphone technology, especially screen sizes, along with varying degrees of mobile data speed in any given location, this can be difficult.

We ensure all of our sites when required to have clear yet subtle calls to action, allowing users to convert regardless of where they are on the site. For best practice design, all image/video files are as light as possible. This helps mobile data and WiFi load the site as quickly as possible, which is very important for user experience (UX).

Our web developers and designers work alongside our SEO technicians to maximise mobile performance. Undoubtedly a factor that affects both design and search.

Sitemaps & Index Requests For Search Engines

Search4Local is a full service digital marketing agency, made up of leading experts of their field. Our website projects are worked on by SEO technicians, copywriters with a thorough understanding of the search market and professional web designers.

We create sitemaps specifically for bots to crawl. When your website is launched we’ll submit them to search console and audit the site to make sure everything is how it should be.

If you have opted for a digital marketing strategy, or wish to peruse one in the future, your website will include specific features to help maximise the effectiveness of this.

We’re 100% digital marketing and specialise in helping local Plymouth businesses

Websites & design goes hand in hand on purpose. The best design depends on what you want to achieve. For example, a profitable E-commerce site is going to concentrate on placing promotions & calls to actions in prominent places. Where as an artist profile site is going to focus on the quality of images and not over use calls to actions.

Search4Local design websites from the ground up to convert a high percentage of traffic. We examine many contributing factors to make sure your site has the capability of supporting any current or future digital marketing campaigns.

Businesses can offer items and services directly through e-commerce websites. We provide bespoke E-commerce solutions for different businesses at a very reasonable price. Our platforms are built to provide the highest level of security and enjoyment for both businesses and customers.

Website Design Costs & Further Details

To find out more about our professional web design services for businesses operating throughout Plymouth and surrounding areas of Devon, contact Search4Local.