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Social media marketing, in particular sponsored Facebook advert creation, gives businesses the ability to locate new customers in their local area. This has proven to be an extremely effective and personable type of paid advertising. Largely down to targeting ability and retargeting. Helping businesses and sole traders compete against far larger corporations attempting to dominate their local search market place.

We constantly update and evolve our adverts to keep repeat visitors and potential new customers interested in your business. It’s important to remember that different users react to different types and styles of adverts. Frequent refreshes of adverts attract new users. As does replying to comments and questions on a live advert.

The niche marketing opportunity, visual and creatives social media platforms are too much to ignore for most businesses. A somewhat small budget can go a very long way on a social media channel.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Facebook Business Manager. Social Media Marketing's Powerhouse

One reason why businesses choose to dedicate some of their budget to social paid ads is the exceptionally niche targeting these platforms offer. Facebook algorithms build accurate groups of users who, going on previous online behaviour, should respond positively. This is the same reason why you see adverts on your personal interests when using the platforms for leisure.

Launching back in 2004, Facebook was quick to be a tremendous success. Demolishing the current and now practically unused platforms. Sponsored ads launched a few years later in 2007, to help smaller businesses advertise to their local market.

We have our own in house team of social media marketing professionals. They are skilled at graphic design, visual ad creation, analysing and cross referencing key performance indicators to create altogether better performing social media campaigns.

Sponsored Advert Options

The type of advert you choose will reflect the cost of running a campaign. Much like Google ads, social media channels offer different types of ad creation. Regardless of which style of advert you choose, our in house team can help create stunning images or source relevant video.

We also research and produce all advert copy for you. Along with any work needed on landing pages to help maximise user engagement and conversions. We split test ads and pay close attention to how and more importantly why a user chooses to engage on any advert.

This methodical approach helps us maximise return on investment with Facebook adverts.

Facebook sponsored ads to help your business thrive online

The cost of ads heavily depends on your intentions for the advert. For example, diverting traffic away from a social media plan costs more than converting users whilst they’re on the platform. Videos content and pictures fluctuate the cost too.

We offer monthly reports showing total spend, impressions, engagements and conversions. We are more than happy to go through the advert in fine detail with you over the phone or in a meeting. Our social media marketeers are happy to suggest ways for you to improve your advert.

As previously said, Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site. We’ve mastered and perfected Facebook advertising, and we believe it’ll be the most effective for our consumers owing to the range of advertising options available.

Social Media Marketing With Facebook Sponsored Adverts

For further details on how Search4Local can help you with social media marketing and sponsored Facebook advert, please get in touch. Our in house team of paid advertising experts are happy to answer questions and outline a campaign for you.