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Paid Advertising Strategies & PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising enables businesses the opportunity to promote products, services and offers quickly and effectively, appearing high up on page one of search results when done correctly.

For new businesses looking for new customers and interest quickly. PPC also allows businesses to keep to a strict budget, monitor returns accurately and evolve adverts with updated information and on page features.

Search4Local are the leading experts for Google Ads management and PPC campaigns management in Plymouth and the surrounding parts of Devon. We are proud to be a fully accredited Google partner and are experts in stretching budgets to help your business reach digital goals.

Helping Businesses Find, Serve and Retain Customers

Why Should Your Business Choose a Google Ads PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign?

PPC campaigns are great for running promotions, sales, special events and even menu changes. For businesses with a lesser budget or who don’t wish to rely on steady organic growth from SEO campaigns, PPC campaigns are certainly something to consider.

Depending on the product or service you wish to promote will determine the type of paid advert best suited to your needs. Our in house team of PPC experts can explain the different types of ads to you, pairing our knowledge and proven success in the industry with your requirements.  

Fully Approved Google Partner

Search4Local has worked exceptionally hard to become a full recognised & accredited Google Partner. This status proves that we have significant experience and trackable success in managing several high performing PPC campaigns.

As Google partners we get exclusive access to tailored tips and tricks unequally for your campaigns. An invaluable benefit of working with us is our regular direct communication with official in house Google PPC specialists. This means we can ask them questions directly about your account. Further to this we get beta updates before non Google partners, additionally benefiting your campaign.

Complete Campaign Management

We consistently monitor and evaluate our clients paid ads against competitors, and split test ads with a number of carefully written calls to actions. This helps us learn how your target market reacts to certain commands, language structure and an individual product or services USPs (unique selling points).

From time to time, Google will suggest that we increase bids to further compete against larger companies in bigger areas or more competitive product keywords. We evaluate all requests before going back to you for permission to increase budget.

What Are Negative Keywords?

Negative keywords are expressions that although contain target keywords, are not.

For example, a garden centre looking to promote a new range of water features may well wish to bid on the term fountain, depending on traffic. Without negative keyword removal, a user searching for a new fountain pen may find the garden centres advert.

Part of the work we complete on our clients PPC campaigns include negative keyword removal. Using the above example, we would analyse keywords that the advert gains impressions for and remove any mentions fountain pens etc.

Negative keyword removal helps to increase the relevance of the advert. This in turn improves the relevance of your campaign, reducing cost per click and leading to a more conservative cost per conversion.

Effective Google Ads to help Plymouth businesses stand out

A PPC campaign costs as much or as little as you wish to spend, within reason. A multitude of algorithm sponsored advert ranking factors set by Google ultimately have the final say, but it very much depends on what or where you are targeting your campaign. Search4Local are experts in creating highly tuned performing campaigns, focused on converting a large amount of traffic.

All of our PPC customers receive reports at the end of each month. Our reports detail impressions, cost per click, total traffic numbers, key performing indicators and full spend, broken down into ad groups and individual ads.

We rotate your ads on the search network and the display network at Search4Local. This is to ensure that no advertisements are repeated and so seen by your users on a regular basis. As a result of the risk of discomfort, newer advertisements are demonstrated to increase engagement.

PPC Management Services & Google Ads Plymouth

If you feel a PPC campaign would benefit your business and would like to find out further details, please get in touch with one of our team members today. You can reach us on 01752 936265.