What SEO Changes Can We Expect For SERPs In 2021?

Our understanding of SEO changes greatly every year. As developments by digital behemoths Google continue, so does the ever changing terrain of search engine results pages. 

It is reported that Google updates its algorithms over 1000 times a year! However, most of these changes go completely unnoticed and you’d never be the wiser. There are a couple of updates each year though that really revolutionise SERPs, changing the way our SEO technicians operate. 

These developments are the product of an every evolving AI system that Google uses to understand how people are using their services. As the AI learns and adapts the way it functions, so does user intent therefore, the symbiotic relationship between search engine AI and us is ever changing. This is all so Google can serve content to you in the best way it possibly can. 

We have put together just some of the trends we’re expecting to experience in 2021 that will ultimately affect the way Google displays SERPs. 

User Intent Focused

Metadata has been one of the fundamental pillars of SEO for a while now and we don’t expect its influence to dwindle. That being said, Google is adapting and learning from every search made. We know that algorithms are going to start leaning towards focusing much more on user intentions and behaviour.

This means as well as high quality metadata, Google is looking for content that is going to benefit a user’s intention. Data that helps Google understand user intent is going to be held in a much higher regard moving forward and as AI becomes more and more prominent in everyday life, user intent driven content is going to become that much more important.

Our team utilise many factors of user intent driven content already for our clients, focusing not just on minimising bounce rate but understanding why dwell time might be longer on certain pages than others. This could be an indication of meaningful & useful content!

The Rise Of Behavioural Analytics

Okay, so behaviour analytics have been around for a very long time already but the way in which they are interpreted might be changing. Following on from user intent, behaviour analytics looks at a very similar aspect of why customers found your site and converted on it.

Typically behaviour analytics can help determine keyword search volume, difficulty to win and how users move through your website. With a constantly developing algorithm SERPs are looking at why users search specific terms, including the language and tone of voice they use. This can give our SEO technicians a much deeper insight into how users search and therefore, how to best answer their queries in a meaningful way.

Rich Text & Natural Language Is The Way Forward

One of the most exciting new developments we’re expecting in 2021 is the evolution of ‘natural language processing’. Google’s AI has been advancing its ability to recognise the natural flow of speech and text with technology such as voice integrations such as Siri and Alexa.

There was once a time where websites could just throw in the odd keyword every now and then and google would sift through the text to find it. However, with the thriving adaptation of natural language processing, a division of AI that concentrates on how computer programs understand & process human language naturally, the way in which we search has changed drastically.

It may seem fairly trivial but being able to google phrases such as ‘what time is the FA cup final on tonight?’ wouldn’t have shown us relevant or possibly even useful results 5 years ago. This is just one of the most obvious examples of the rapid innovation in machine learning that SEO technicians need to be aware of moving forward.

Mobile friendly Interface

Mobile first

By now it’s clear to see why Google favours websites that are responsive and mobile friendly. With roughly 50% of internet traffic originating from mobile, it has become a prominent force that all web designers should concentrate on when building a website.

Although this isn’t really a trend for 2021, as mobile friendly design has been a dominating factor for Google for years now. It is worth mentioning as many sites still run slowly and struggle to load on 4G & 5G. Both our web design team & SEO technicians really focus on making a website responsive and perform efficiently on all devices.

Why We Stay Up To Date With SEO Trends

It’s clear from the trends we’re expecting that Google is forever striving to understand user intent more and more. Knowing why people search what they do and the way they use search engines is one of the fundamental driving forces for the evolving AI.

This is  the very reason that our SEO technicians stay up to date with the ever changing landscape that is SEO. In order for us to best support our customers and their customers by proxy, we maintain a high level of training and keep our finger on the pulse of Google algorithm updates.

The SEO trends mentioned here go a small way to show just how much goes into our SEO packages. All of this along with much more is evaluated and acted upon constantly to ensure that your online business has the best chance possible to increase brand awareness and exposure to relevant and interested customers.

Contact Us To Find Out More About SEO Practices & How We Can Help

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