UX Writing – What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

UX Writing - What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

User experience has been at the forefront of web design for some time now and rightly so. With so many competitors focusing on creating meaningful online experiences in order to engage with their customers more, it is more important than ever to develop a user experience for your website that works effectively.

User experience in web design incorporates many different aspects of the process, one of which being writing. Vital in so many ways, the text on your website is accountable typically for 60-70% of the whole webpage which is why it is important to write content that is both engaging, on-brand and optimised for search engines such as Google.

What Is UX Writing?

UX writing is the process of creating content to further enhance the user experience on your website. This means it must improve the way in which a user interacts with your website. From finding the information they need more efficiently to guiding them clearly and concisely to a call to action or product/ service page. UX design should always strive to make an online environment that is relevant to your brand and products, easy to use, and efficient process and most importantly a pleasure to use.

When writing copy to develop the user experience, it needs to be written in a customer-centric way. This means finding a balance between writing for the customer and writing for the search bots. This writing should also reflect your branding and the overall design of your website. This means keeping your content concise, your tone of voice consistent and making sure your unique selling points (USPs) are clear within the text.

When designing any of our websites for clients, we consider the user journey thoroughly and the way in which we write content reflects that. The on-page text should always try to move the customer forward in their journey to hopefully end with a conversion, whether that is purchasing a product or contacting the business about their services.

Where Is UX Writing Important In Web Design?

A fundamental part of the web design process is deciding the way in which a customer would navigate your site so that they come away feeling informed on your products or services and hopefully as a converted customer. This is called ‘customer journey mapping’ and requires some knowledge & research into your customer base to ensure that when it comes to writing the content for your website that your customer engages with it and most importantly shows that they can relate to your brand.

With written content being such an essential component of modern web design, it is crucial that it is well thought out and written in a way that moves a user through the site seamlessly. The many different places on-page text is necessary to mean that having a specific tone of voice can really help to relate the various channels to your brand. For example:

Product Writing:

From the title and product descriptions to potential exclusive offer landing pages, product writing is vital to capturing your target audience and informing them of the USPs & benefits of purchasing your products. 


Writing on-page text to include long form content for search bots to better index your website and engage the customers that find you can be a daunting process. When written well this can seriously improve the overall SEO of your website.

Both organic posts and paid advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook require well thought out written content. In order to really stand out over the bombardment of statuses and sponsored ads on a customers timeline, a combination of great visual content and catchy, to the point text is necessary. 

Email Marketing

Often one of the hardest ways to acquire and engage with customers due to the stigma of spam emails. However with content that piques the interest of your customers instantly, emails can have a high conversion rate. Well written content is absolutely vital to a great email campaign.

An essential part of optimising your website for search engines is the onsite written content. This is because of the preferential treatment that Google gives to written text as it’s crawl bots use it to almost instantly place your website in a hierarchy of expertise, authority, trustworthiness and ultimately usefulness in the form of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Having content that includes long-tail keywords, locations and many other aspects, goes a long way to improving the overall SEO of your website.

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What Can Customer Centric Written Content Be Used For?

As well as the aforementioned social media adverts, emails and product descriptions above, UX writing can be used in many different ways on your website. Our expert SEO team and website designers work closely together to develop both written and visual content that compliments each other in order to get the customer to complete their journey seamlessly.

We use UX writing techniques primarily in these areas:

Many of these require what is called ‘microcopy’. The use of very few words, generally to invoke an action for a customer. A well used example of this would be ‘find out more’ or ‘get in touch’ as CTAs or button text. Clearly showing the next step for a customer to move along their journey on your website.

The deciding factor for good UX writing is often what sort of emotion or action the text will create for your customer.

What’s the difference? Initially, not a lot however, learn more & Discover more are actionable statements or commands. Whereas, More Info is something your customer will benefit from by clicking the button thereby incentivising a click through. No one way is better over another but often you might find that one method works better than another for your particular customer base and within the context of the webpage. 

This truly shows the often meticulous level of research and discussion that goes into a professional and expertly designed website. These seemingly small differences can genuinely make all the difference to a website’s analytics. Having well thought out acquisition channels such as social media adverts, Google Ads and metadata can enhance your click-through rate. Engaging & informative on-page content can improve a customers dwell time and finally, effective CTA’s & button text can increase conversion rate. 

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