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Expert Web Advertising & Online Marketing Services

Search4Local offer expert digital marketing strategies for businesses in Plymouth and the surrounding Devon towns. Regardless of where you are in your online marketing journey, we can help you by creating unique & effective online marketing plans. Our expert team consists of SEO technicians, pay per click advertising, unique web design & social media marketing.

What separates us from the competition as a digital marketing agency in Plymouth, is our ability to spot and create opportunities for our clients. Helping local businesses protect and own their local search engine market and search engine result pages (SERPs). We keep a close eye on our clients campaigns, give detailed monthly performance reports & focus on your unique online goals.

We work with a number of businesses in Plymouth & around Devon. Strategically increasing online traffic, attracting a better search market intent to help your business maximise their return on investment for digital marketing. Get started today by calling our team and making a complementary consultation.

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We keep our clients expectations at the forefront of all our work. For us, we view our clients as an extension to our business, you are every much a part of our team. We operate a full open door policy.

Our clients are always welcome to make an appointment to come in, discuss how the work is going and anything else they wish to peruse. We work exceptionally hard on all campaigns to over deliver, maximise online exposure and ultimately increase your sales.

Comprehensive Digital Advertising

We build all our clients campaigns from the ground up to achieve your specific goals. The point that many misunderstand about online advertising is the time to stop and really understand their clients business, focusing campaigns on unique selling points. Pairing USP’s with digital strategies ensures Search4Local deliver your message to new customers.

Web advertising is a broad term for a number of outreach / digital marketing strategies. Our primary services can be found below:

Website Design

Your website is the heart of your digital marketing campaign. It’s the place where the majority of conversions happen, where customers learn about your brand, products and services. Our expert in house web developers design sites to work in conjunction with complex search engine algorithms. 

Google Ad Manager & PPC

We are a fully approved Google partner having proved ourselves highly capable of consistently producing and managing profitable pay per click and sponsored ad campaigns through the Google Ads platform. Speak to us about creating PPC campaigns that work for your business. 

Search Engine Optimisation

An exceptionally popular and effective type of digital marketing is SEO, or search engine optimisation. The objective is to rank your site for the greatest number of Google searches, this is done by marrying content to most popular keywords by a geographical location.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

With the enormous popularity and usage social media has, marketeers are able to target users in a unique and personable way. Search4Local offer comprehensive service which includes ad creation, management and reporting.
We’re 100% digital advertising and specialise in helping local businesses!

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We strive to offer affordable, effective and profitable online campaigns. Devising the most cost effective plan for your digital marketing, enabling the internet to become a trusted source of work for you. Please call us on 01752 936265 for more information.